My pCloud ISSUE!! < Read This!!!

Many member asked to me whats problem with all files, can’t downoad, download limited and anything!!
The problem its easy to FIX.


Please follow this instructions step by step!!

I highly recommended to use “AdBlocker” extensions on your browser, to prevent anoying ads when you try to download anything from 3d party.

If you got messages like this pic below! just click on “Save to pClod” and choose FREE PLAN!



Fill ou your Email and password you want (Please use your real email because verifying account is needed!)


After your account created and verified, just go to links you want again, and save to your pCloud by clicking “Save to pClod” button!


Choose folder to place the files anywhere you want or create new folder for downloading all software from our sites!


Open file locations!


Download it and done! when you get “Limited bla bla bla…” just do the same steps again! ๐Ÿ˜€


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